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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 16, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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in their prayers. good night, everybody. tucker carlson is up next from d.c., our story for this evening. we'll see you back here on monday. >> tucker: good evening, welcome, tucker carlson tonight as you've seen earlier today, special counsel robert mueller's investigation unveiled 13 separate indictments against russian citizens who oelgdly tried to meddle in the 2016 election. you're going to hear a massive amount of propaganda about those indictments and what they mean in coming days. we've looked at them carefully and here's what seemgs to be true about them. the indictments describe a russian effort to, quote, sew discord in the american political system. the effort dpan in 2014 -- began in 2014 before donald trump or any other candidate declared for the race. the effort didn't seem to have a
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specific ideological event. it was to serve up trouble. they ran facebook ads and tried to organize events that criticized hillary clinton and supported donald trump. the russians also supported left wingers like bernie sanders and black lives matter. hillary clinton way the front of the runner for most of the race and she yanked her chain. once the election was over they started organizing rallies against donald trump. rallies probably an overstatement. anti-muslim event elgdly organized by the russians drew four rsvps. an anti-hillary event in new york got 45. successful event the russians appeared to have pulled off seems to be an anti-trump rally in new york city after the election right outside trump tower. now, all of this is annoying, they're foreigners. but none of it seems momentous. here's what is not in the indictment. any evidence at all that any russian behavior changed a single vote or did anything to
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sway the election in any direction. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein admitted as much today. >> there's no allegation in this indictment that any american was a knowing participant in this illegal activity. there is no allegation in the indictment that the charge conduct altered the outcome of the 2016 election. >> tucker: in a statement this afternoon the white house even boernted about today's news, quote, jonld j. trump has been fully briefed on the matter dplanld to see the special counsel's special skegs further indicate there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. close the 20 people have been diepted so far. still not a single piece of evidence that the trump campaign colluded with putin. collusion, you remember, waupgs the reason we supposedly needed this multi-year, multimillion dollar investigation in the first place that has ground washington to a halt and put
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your concerns on the back burner. yet the evidence unearthed so far shows the open sis of collusion. today's diementses say the russians made contact with, quote, unwitting trump supporters and campaign members. now journalists are scrambling to revices their previous -- revise the previous claims. ian bremlin feeted today, nobody plausible ever said there was a case for collusion. really? democrats in congress every been saying it outloud for more than a year, very often live on the show. that's a lie. at least we know what our federal agents have been doing recently why they were too busy to stop school shootings, chasing down bad facebook trolls. the fbi admitted it was given is application it warning that in this case lags cruz could be planning a massacre but never followed up on that. if some one had told them cruz was talking to vladimir putin they would have been on it. jonathan turley joins us
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tonight. facebook trolls? i mean i'm not for that but i'm a little disapointed that appears to be the sum total of this. >> it is amazing, isn't it. you wonder whether putin is in moscow watching the women's march and saying those 12 guys did a lot. you didn't have to send them to the united states to di void us politically. that was -- divide us politically. also amazing how gratuitous this is. after the election they start pulling protests on opposing sides. striking how little really could have been accomplished by this. at the end of the day the most interesting thing is the adjective, unwitting. after the year, after the plea agreements, after all of these interviews they really don't have any evidence of anyone knowingly engaging with russians. not even mentioning the trump power meeting where they knew
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they were russians. doesn't seem to be any there there. >> tucker: getting close to 20 indictments and none of them speak directly to the underlying charges. they're perjury, money laundering, failure to register as a foreign agent, i mean i'm not saying they're insignificant but skirting the edge of insignificant. are we going to get actual charges against anybody, would you say? >> well that is what also striking about this. the charges themselves are actually quite conventional. things like identity theft, which is very common with russian associations. hacking. what isn't conventional is the context. this is one of the largest indictments for trying to interfere with an election. it just that the evidence much any success in that is minimal. people have criticized rosenstein for saying there was no evidence of this impacting the election. but i think that what he was saying was this, we haven't
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really found anything quite significant in these activities. now, having said that, we should be concerned the hacking that went on. i think that was the most significant act. >> tucker: yes, yes. i should say we're watching the president and his wife in fort lauderdale, down there in the aftermath obviously of the school shooting. two days ago. with police. if i can wrap this up, professor, is this kind of what we're going to see? i mean, by the way, i'm not downplaying it's offensive that foreign countries influence our elections, influence our policy all the time, they're doing it nour, i hate all of it. could you think that we're going to get to a point where it becomes, we sort of give up looking for evidence of collusion between the campaign and the government. >> it would seem odd for this to go on much longer if they don't of any evidence they can cite in any of these indictments.
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just the last indictment. so i think we'll all be looking to see whether he's going to bring closure. >> tucker: okay. professor we're going to the president, thank you for that. >> president trump: what a job you have done and the doctors did a great job, the combination is incredible. i hope you get the credit for it. you deserve it, the job you have done is unparalleled. give them a raise. [laughin [laughing] the staging areas, they led command posts, first responders police and fire, they were able to do in broward county. this is an honor, and the first lady come down to spend time in broward county. thank you. >> president trump: thank you very much, thank you. i know broward very well, i have been here many times, i don't
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live very far away, right up the road. we drove down, over palm beach intesh national. this is supposed to take place on sunday or monday, and i said no way. then marco said he wants to go down early, we didn't want to wait. we didn't want to wait. maybe we can ask you to say your name and what you do. we have lot of folks here, i'd like the world to see the great job you have done. the governor of florida, we know, he's done a fantastic job, rick scott. doing well, we know that. >> i want to thank you for coming down. as soon as it happened, you called me and made sure -- >> tucker: the president and his wife in broward county, florida in the aftermath of the horrifying shooting. short time ago we spoke with the
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white house principal deputy secretary. rod shaw joins us from the white house. raj these indictments say that russian interference began in 2014. do you see the 13 indictments as vindication for you? >> we absolutely do. really, there's three main points that we see from these indictments. one as you mention they started this plot started in 2014 before the president jumped in the race. you know what we also saw is that they proved there's no collusion. the biggest point that the president has been making since before this investigation began. the last point that this investigation, rather the indictments made clear is that all of these efforts were about sewing confusion in the electoral process and undermining the next. . not about supporting one candidate over the other. so, really, when you see these efforts by democrats that push this collusion conspiracy, what they are doing is doing the dirty work for the russians for
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them, the media and the democrats, making false claims, that really push what the russians want them to push. >> tucker: i think that's you true. also paradoxically, robert mueller, who has been seen as an enemy of the white house, is helping the white house' case tonight. >> i think that's right. we've always been cooperative with the special counsel's investigation. while the president has said that it's a hoax, that the charge of collusion is false, he would be the one to know. we've sometime been cooperative, we still provided with its, documents, et cetera. and now it's helped uncover this elaborate plot within many russian individuals that had no cooperation, active cooperation with the trump campaign. and it really shows that what democrats have alleged, have charged, and frankly made outlandish claims about is totally baseless.
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>> tucker: it also sets an interesting precedent, as you well know living in washington there's a lot of foreign interference into our politics. the mexican government for example has run voter registration drives at american consulates. that seems like an obvious effort to influence election outcomes. do you think there will be indictments there? >> i'm not a lawyer and wouldn't pledge to know what statutes may or may not have been violated. the plot of active collusion between a 20167 campaign -- 2016 campaign and foreign government was hillary clinton's government operating out of the ukrainian embassy in collusion with the dnc and trying to drop opposition research on donald trump and members of the president's campaign. you know, there are examples of foreign influence in campaigns. and there is an example of collusion in the last campaign. it has nothing to do with this. and his campaign.
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>> tucker: would you concede that we're spending a lot of time examining, and i don't think it's bad, but russian influence on our country, society, our politics. do you think this will kick off a new era where we take a close look at the influence of a lot of other countries on our politics. if not why not? >> well, i think the issue of foreign influence in american elections is a serious one. it's a real one. you know, you just mentioned one example. i'm sure there are many others. of course, we want to ensure that there's inintegrity in our election process, individuals who are voting are all registered citizens, that's an issue the president has raised. he initiated a commission last year through an executive order to look at the integrity of our election process. we hope that this is just one step in that overall effort to make sure that our elections are clean and fair and influenced by americans first and foremost.
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>> tucker: thank you very much, raj shaw. carter page advised the trump campaign and later monitored by the federal government treated him like a spy. he joins us tonight. carter thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me, tucker. >> tucker: just to get this out of the way, did you help any of these dieted russians set up fake facebook pages or plan any of their sparsely attended rallies for them? >> the only facebook she nan i fans that were happening with state sponsored media was radio free europe, they published this fake news from the dodgy dossier in september 2016. and that was rebroadcasted by a sponsored media outlet, radio free europe, sponsored by broadcasting board of governors out of washington. that's the closest i had with any sort of government sponsored
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news outlets. no. >> monica: so, you're an annapolis graduate, naval intelligence officer for five years, presumably that marks you as a patriotic american. did you imagine that your government would be spying on you at any points? >> well, i mean i had some warnings about that back in starting in the summer of 2016 and into september. it actually, when i sent my letter to director comey on september 25, 2016 i was, you know, immediately called this out as a witch hunt. so i had some advance warning about that. and i also warned him about, you know, and i said instead of allowing the staff of the fbi to focus blended resources on real threats, desperate and unfounded calls for my investigation as a private citizen are a true disgrace. and unfortunately, as we saw this week, down in florida that prediction turned out to be absolutely correct.
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instead of focusing on some of these real threats out there they were wasting a tremendous amount of money and time and resources on this complete witch hunt. >> tucker: and violating your civil liber tus. one of the reasons they were able to get a fisa warrant to break into your life and spy on you is because of this dossier, which we rerode last week i had forgotten the allegation that you received a percentage of a russian company, shares in that company, which would be worth about $11 billion. i guess the obvious question is, did you ever get $11 billion from the russians for spying on the united states for betraying your country? >> i'm still waiting for that, tucker. it is funny, the company that did end up acquiring that -- those shares is glencorp founded by mark rich, pardoned in the last days of the clinton administration.
5:16 pm
>> tucker: the last day, i think, yes. so, i mean, i don't want to get -- i don't even know you, never talked to you before tonight. as i watch you, i wonder, as an annapolis graduate and naval officer of course your life destroyed by the u.s. government, what do you do for money and how much has this cost you and what has it done to your life? >> tucker, the last major intelligence nailure by the u.s. intelligence community led to deaths of thousands of u.s. military citizens -- military officers and soldiers and airmen. to me this is a minor cost. i just, i'm just thankful that this false intelligence that was put into the bloodstream of the u.s. government was not followed up on, and president trump was able to call this out for the complete lies that it -- and misinformation it was. >> tucker: i'm sorry you never got the $11 billion in blood
5:17 pm
money that they claim you did. carter paige, thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: more analysis of today's indictments and what went wrong at the fbi. former agent tells us next. ♪ when you have a cold, stuff happens. [ dog groans ] [ coughs and sneezes ] nothing relieves more symptoms than alka seltzer plus maximum strength liquid gels.
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correspondent of the federal interest, and joins us tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: i mean, the white house is saying this settles the question of collusion because it says explicitly there wasn't. i thought the rest of us acting on common sense would have concluded that when the u.s. government started killing citizens in syria. that's national the behavior of a russian agent, right? >> right. the mueller indictment today and the mueller investigation generally isn't going to prove or disprove anything definitively. that isn't the purpose of the mueller investigation. the purpose is to investigate to what extent did russia try to meddle in our electoral process. careful observers saw in 2016, late 2015, that indeed russian trolls were trying to interfere on social media and create noise and controversy. it was obvious if you look close enough. the fact that russian troll
5:22 pm
farms were trying to immediate until our elections shouldn't be news. but the indictment is a good reminder that that was happening. i think we have to be careful. the mueller investigation isn't going to prove or disprove anything about whether or not -- >> tucker: i guess, here's my perspective. i'm not surprised the russians, they've been doing this for 100 years. but where i sit in d.c., you have the mexican government that has massive influence in our immigration policy, the suddenie government that has massive influence on our foreign policy pushing us to war in syria and lebanon and it's working. nobody says anything, anything about it. and yet we're mad about russian facebook accounts. insang to me, anyway. it's insane. >> obviously the impetus behind the special counsel, the impetus behind this whole investigation was partisan from the get-go. that what is we find out with the congressional probe of the fisa warnlts and the authorizations that -- warnlts and the authorizations they got to spy on carter paige.
5:23 pm
the impetus was partisan. but exposing something as you say is probably more common than most americans realize. it's not a bad thing to be aware of it, not a bad thing to shine a light on it. but maybe what will come out of this, the positive thing that can come out of this thing, we're all more aware and pay more attention to the ways in which foreign governments try to influence our elections and leaders and whatever administration happens to be in power in washington. >> tucker: next time sensors working for the chinese government try to do something, i hope somebody says something. thank you, john. >> thanks. >> tucker: the fbi caught russian facebook trolls burt couldn't stop nikolas cruz despite multiple and repeated warnings. something is wrong at the fbi. we'll tell what you when we return. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient
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5:28 pm
the fbi has bigger matters on its hands than protecting school children from murderers. >> is it possible, ladies and gentlemen, in a the fbi -- that the fbi may not have the resources to deal with complaints like this? how many people in the fbi are still trying to prove that trump colluded with russia? hillary clinton and the democrats have the fbi so occupied tracking down something that didn't happen, they may not have the resources. to pull this kid off the street. >> tucker: jim clemente, former fbi special agent, thanks for coming on. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: seems like a lot of people knew that cruz was a potential threat, i think local police went to his house 39 times. in response to complaints. the fbi received a couple of explicit tips about him and didn't follow up. all of us want to think the best of the fbi. what do you think happened here?
5:29 pm
>> tucker, i still think the best of the fbi as an agency and as the premiere law even forcement and investigative body in the world. that doesn't mean there aren't fatal flaws within the system and personnel that are there. human beings make mistakes. i hope this was a mistake i hope this was a clerical error, somebody wrote down a lead and the lead didn't get into the system and not sent down to the miami division where it could have been acted on. i hope that's what happened. worst case is that a human being read this information, heard this information, given it over the phone and decided that they were the final arbiter and didn't need to send interest any further. i hope that director ray being a new director to the fbi in this very, very bad period of turmoil for the fbi, will allow himself to do a very public examination of this problem and reveal it to the public so that the public can have confidence again. unfortunately, the fbi has been overwhelmingly politicized in the last few years, we've seen
5:30 pm
with mccabe and operate they are characters at headquarters acting like policy members not investigative members of the fbi. >> tucker: that's how it looks. i grow, and i want to think the best of director wray as well. but then he comes out and issues a statement in which he lectures us by saying the men and women who work here really have the safety of americans as their first priority. in other words we have the best intentions. not that i really care about their intentions, i care what they do. i don't even believe that given the text we've read. why say something obviously false? >> i think he's probably reeling from what's happened, not only today and what happened earlier this week with the horrific mass murder and what happened to the fbi and its reputation because of these people. they clearly exhibited the least atrack ty traits of any human being. i worked under republican presidents and democratic presidents as an fbi agent. there were things i found out
5:31 pm
about the clinton administration that i still to this day would not reveal publicly because it would be embarrassing to the office that i was working under. as an fbi agent. but these individuals see that it's their mission to be politically active in their job. that's horrific. i'm hoping, again, that this was the problem and administrative problem. what happens is you call the fbi, it's not a 911 system, some duty agent or support person answerts the phone, try and route your phone call to the people most appropriate to handle it. that might be a very junior agent or very senior agent. but it might be somebody that doesn't know what to do with the information. in this case it would seem it would be likely if the individual you're talking about is in miami that you would tell the miami division. so a lead could be generated for agents to follow up. obviously that never happened. and lives were lost because of it. >> tucker: they were busy tracking down the fake russian twitter accounts. tim, thank you for that, appreciate your experienced view.
5:32 pm
almost everybody apparently knew that nikolas cruz was disturbed. all of his neighbors knew. several people reported him to the fbi. the fbi special agent in charge robert las can i says the bureau failed to act. here's his explanation. >> provided information about nikolas cruz, the potential of him becoming a school shooter. under normal protocol this information should have been provided to the miami field office. the fbi has determined that protocol was not followed. the information was not provided, the miami field office. and no further investigation was conductled at that time. we truly regret any additional pain this has caused. >> tucker: denny bruce is radio show host, one of your favorites, joins us tonight. tammy, i don't think most of us ask much from the phish. i mean, i don't want them -- from the fbi. i don't want them to fix my marriage or make me happy, combat fake russian twitter accounts.
5:33 pm
i want them to pay attention to potential school shooters. this is a core mission, ought to be, of any law enforcement agency. how did it happen? >> this is shocking to the american people. we first started out with the horrific news with a feeling that we were living in chaos. that there was no rhyme or reason. that for some reason despite all of our efforts these things still happen. but the fact of the matter is, tucker, the citizenry did their job. they reported it. the students at the school recognized what he was turn into. the neighbors, even elementary school student that went to elementary school with him called him evil. the school managed to expel him which is not easy. to some degree. yet, then we have the "you tube" blogger and this other individual in january turning him in. the universe did its job. the citizenry, the normals did hair job. rec noising him and -- recognizing him and stating it and vocallizing. when it got to the federal level they shrugged.
5:34 pm
it's not like they missed it. i hear this in describing that they missed it or it was a failed opportunity. they had the information. they didn't miss anything. there was a deliberate decision somewhere to not follow up. and even when we know when this fellow bought his gun you don't need -- it was on social media using his real name, we're not law even forcement but we know that, look, wouldn't you run the name through everybody who has a background check to purchase firearms? then you would have found him. you would at least, it would take, whatever, five minutes to put the order in to run the background check. these are the things that we know exist, we saw something, we said something. so here's a problem, tucker, is when we're told there's going to be more information, we should do more, have more laws. none of it will matter if when we get to the federal level everything collapses. this is not only should wray resign but this is malfeasance that has contributed to the death of 17 people. we have to start looking
5:35 pm
criminally at these kinds of so-called failures and the impact they have. >> tucker: yeah. i would be happy if wray got on tv and started crying and begged the forgiveness of the families of the perished 17 people. >> then he can be fired. >> tucker: yeah. >> then we'll fire him. >> tucker: tammy bruce, good to see you. daca on the brink of expiring, maybe. senate not able to reach a deal on immigration. should you care? that debate next. hi, i'm bob harper,
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5:40 pm
illegal immigrants to enter the country overpowered protecting the dreamers from deportation. we have an attorney joining us, raul, good evening. >> good evening. >> tucker: this is the first thing, i can't resist bringing up. everything i've read about the failure of this deal to go through begins by saying the fupt of the droemers remains in limbo and i should be concerned about that. i do feel bad. a lot of americans have lives in limbo. because they're addicted to drugs or unemployed or in poverty. a lot of our country is, outside the cities. why should i think that the plight of people who shouldn't be here in the first place no, legal right to be here, is more important than the suffering of my own countrymen shoved aside in order to address their concerns. i'm confused. >> well, i any the way, in my view, the answer to that question is that one group of people is not necessarily more important than the others. when people talk about the dreamers being in limbo that's because of the court decisions
5:41 pm
we don't know what their status is going to be of the program because of the failure in congress to come to an agreement this week. we don't know if there's going to be any consensus about what to do about their status going forward. what people say why should we care about them, the larger debate in the country, is because that's what most americans, they want it solved, they want them to be allowed to stay. >> tucker: i think that's right. but i agree. people want -- hold on. i think, that's probably right. but there is a report out last week that showed for the secondier in a row life expectancy for the entire american working class went down, life expectancy went down two years in a row. the coverage of that, is none. and the coverage of the plight of illegal aliens in the country has been overwhelming. a matter of proper portion. i'm not -- i understand it's concern people want to get done, whatever. is that more important than figuring out why actual americans are dying younger by
5:42 pm
the millions? do you see my concern here? >> of course. and actually, you know, i think for all of us in the country we have family members and seniors, something we should, to your point, care about. i think our country, though, especially our government is capable of doing both. we can take care of our own citizens and look into these problems and address the system we have. i think we agree, in a sense the system is broken. >> tucker: no, i don't agree. well, i guess it's broken, i don't know. if you thought the law was real you would act on it. if you aren't allowed to be in the country you can leave and apply legally. why is that a bad solution? why do we write laws we ignore? isn't the message the system is a joke and laws don't matter. >> i don't think the system is a joke. especially for these young people, their fundamental as you mentioned, their futures are hanging in the balance, they're very concerned about whether they're going to be deport ordinary allowed to stay, question mark. i don't think the system is a joke.
5:43 pm
where we are, right now, is that there is consensus in the american public that we should let these people stay here. congress has not been able to move parent the question of how to sol that have problem. part of it, in my view, what complicates this is that donald trump, whatever you think of him, he's unreliable negotiator. on one hand he's saying he wants a bill of love and he'll take the heat for something that would allow them to stay. then this week we saw he went back to the four mill lars, a hard line approach. would be easier for both sides if he were wij to stake out a consistent approach rather than going back and forth. stk the argument business the dreamers, daca recipients, 700,000. trump says i'll let two million stay. but that's not enough, you l.e.d.e. need to legalize 12 million. how about everyone who is in violation of the law and doesn't have a legal right to be here can leave and then apply because we let in a million people
5:44 pm
legally every year. why doesn't every person here illegally leave tonight, some of them won't like it but it is the law. then they can come back if they get in legally. why is that not an option? >> i think for two reasons. number one, for the economic disrupttion it would cause if we had these people leaving. many of these people what happens, the way the laws are set up, if they're here illegally and say, if they self deport, so to speak and go home and come back, on the law they're bar forward a minimum between 3 to 10 years from even applying to come back. those people do not -- >> tucker: so the dreamers don't want to do that, they don't want to be inconvenienced. people who came here legally illegally don't want to be hassled. >> no, they don't want to -- >> tucker: thank you. why would they, hilarious. rob reiner has been shouting for months about russia's cyber invasion of america using the word tree son. how does he respond to the indictments? he joins us next. hey, need fast heartburn relief?
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>> we are at war. a former kgb spy, angry at cannot laps of his motherland plots a course for revenge. imagine that movie. >> tucker: rob reiner has spent months sounding it a larm about russia. last fall he helped make a video and he's very excited about today's indictments. today he tweeted this, quote, it's crystal clear that russia had a profound effect on the 2016 election, continuing to attack us. trump isn't willing to acknowledge it or protect us. the word tree son is now center stage.
5:50 pm
free son. robin -- tree son. rob, how are you. >> good today you. >> tucker: i would think after leading the series of indictments that say the russians supported trump, attacked hillary, supported black lives matter and bernie, the russians also had an anti-trump rally in front of trump tower, you would be a little embarrassed by tweets like this and your hysteria generally. are you? >> no. but here's the thing, tucker. everybody out there knows that you and i are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. i mean that's -- we all know that. so what i'm thinking right now is you and i, together, because we're so far apart politically, we have an opportunity here, to do a great service to the country. if all we have to do, and this is not about whether or not
5:51 pm
there's collusion, or whether or not whatever the russians did definitely or didn't affect the outcome of the election. all you and i have to do at this point is agree with what rod rosenstein said today. do you grow with that or no? >> tucker: i guess. i mean, i don't know. yeah, i don't like foreign countries meddling in our affairs. i don't that you tailor your movies to the championese sensors specificationtion as you know you do. the chinese specifications. i don't like foreign swer feerns, i find it offensive. when you accuse somebody of treason, unpatriotic, you use phrases like that. why do that? >> no, no, i didn't i cues him of treason. >> tucker: yes you did. >> what i said was if he is refusing to acknowledge the fact that the russians did attack us during the election, and if he
5:52 pm
refuses to do anything about it, then you're conspireing with an enemy. that's all i'm saying. >> tucker: can i ask you, are you aware that -- okay. you want somebody to do -- but we're killing russians in syria, trump killed a bunch much of them. were you excited he killed russians? >> i'm not talking about -- we're not talking about the russians in syria or what happened in syria. we're talking about -- >> tucker: were you excited he killed russians in syria, what did you think of that? >> i don't have an opinion about that. i know all i know is -- >> tucker: really? >> no, i don't. all i know is what happened, we've been invaded and they continue to do, to troy and disrupt our democracy. and like you just pointed out, early, you know they'll go on both sides. they'll try to help bernie, jill stein, anything to disrupt democracy. >> tucker: do you think the russians have more influence in our country than the chinese government to which you routinely kowto fwhchlt your
5:53 pm
films? look into the camera, do the russians have more effect, more effect on american society than the chinese government? do you believe that? >> wait a minute. why did you say that i kowtow to them in my films? >> tucker: hollywood films, as you know, would never have a flattering portrayal of the dalai lama, chinese doesn't want it. american fill rms sensored, go along with the imperatives of the chinese government sensors. you know, this you live there. >> i don't, no, i don't -- you're saying that i sensor myself for the chinese. i don't do that. i don't know what else happens from everybody else. >> tucker: um-hum. but you do know. >> i don't. here's the thing, tucker, if you and i can agree, all we have to do is agree that the russians tried to meddle and disrupt our democracy. that's all we have to agree on. >> tucker: no, look, i thought
5:54 pm
this for years -- >> you didn't let me finish. >> tucker: i thought the rosen bergs were guilty. i'm serious. i think the russians have done it for years. many country does it. >> no question about it. they do it. they do do it. and the russians every been doing it for years. the only difference between what they have done, call active mels urs and disinformation campaigns, the only difference between what they've been doing for years and now is that, it's on steroids because of the internet. and because of social media. so it's much more powerful effect of what they've been able to accomplish. >> tucker: do you agree you probably shouldn't call people unpatriotic or treasonous on your twitter account? >> i wouldn't say they're unpatriotic or trees treasoness unless they wouldn't protect us against foreign powers. maybe he will. >> tucker: maybe he will be a
5:55 pm
patriot in your mind. we're out of time, thanks for doing that. >> okay, all right, tucker. >> tucker: some people are so excited about the new movie "the black panther" they're refusing to see it. interesting story. ♪ we the people... are defined by the things we share. and the ones we love. who never stop wondering what we'll do or where we'll go next. we the people who are better together than we are alone... are unstoppable. welcome to the entirely new expedition. on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. plus 24-month financing ends monday visit for a store near you.
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including worsening of symptoms. serious allergic reactions can occur. ready for a chance at 100% clear skin? ask your doctor about taltz today. and go to to learn how to pay as little as $5 a month. >> tucker: new marvel movie, "black panther" getting pretty good reviews as a film. because it has an african protagonist some say it's a political cause as well. self described scientist called emily who often appears in public broadcasting tweeted this the other day, quoting, so i carefully did not buy black panther tickets for opening weekend because i did not want to be the white person sucking black joy out of the theater. what is the appropriate day for me to buy tickets? is next weekend okay? keep in mind she wasn't joking. nobody on the left is ever joking these days, even their comedians. funny, we thought segregated
6:00 pm
theeters were a horrible thing, evil thing. leave to it liberals to bring them back. which they have apparently. that's it for us. have the best weekend. we will see you money. sean hannity is next. >> sean: this is a fox news alert, welcome to the special edition of hannity. since the day president trump was elected, the media have been trying to convince you, the american people, that president trump colluded with the russians in order to win the election. we have been telling you there's no evidence, and tonight we have proof. there's still no evidence. now, tooled the special counsel robert mueller indicted 13 russian nationals, three russian companies for engaging in information warfare against the united states and interfering in the 2016 election. now this indictment shows this was widespread, in terms of a russian effort to date back to 2014 during the obama administration, it was meant to sew discord in the u.s. political


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